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Lessons without being in band

Over the years, I have had a few instances where a student had an older sibling in band and already knew they wanted to play the same instrument.  They wanted to get started in lessons the year before they started beginning band in school.  I no longer accept students in this situation.


Lessons are meant to compliment the classroom beginning band experience.  There is too much learning experience lost by not having that daily group playing/instruction present.  Beginning band class programs area rarely perfect, as far as the teacher being able to address each student's  difficulties, But the regular application of what is learned and  playing as a group is a great learning aid and keeps playing interesting.  When i've had students before they began band in school, they often lose interest, I feel, because they don't have that group experience to help gauge their progress and learn from seeing what other kids do wrong/right, or having a practical way to apply what they are learning in the lessons.

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